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Big Data Analysis Made Easy


Big Data Analysis Made Easy

The vast increase in the amount of data storage places, the ever increasing number of internet users worldwide, continuous increase in video and audio stream, social media updates, tweets and the proliferation of blogs has led to the generation of a large amount of digital data.

The vast tools which are now available for sharing, storing and creating this data do less to help the surge of massive data, because these tools however efficient, aid data growth. To extract useful knowledge from large amount of digital data sets; programming tools, smart and scalable analytics services and also applications are required, hence the need for big analytical tools – cloud computing.

In big data analytics, high performance processors which work with intensive data mining algorithms are used in order to produce timely results. Cloud computing is an effective panacea to the problem of computational and data storage in big data analytics. There are already lots of big data in the cloud and these set of data have been touted to increase in the near future.

One of the companies that predicted the future rise in the amount of data generated is an information Technology and Advisory firm <em>Garne</em>r which predicted that by year 2016, more than half of the data of big companies will be stored in the cloud. With this, it is imperative that the duo of pervasive and scalable data analytics platform be implemented in the cloud.

<h2>Data Mining Techniques</h2>
There are different data mining techniques; as much as there are different terms used for them. Here are some of the different data mining techniques:
This technique is the most common and the simplest data mining technique. The technique helps you to correlate between different items of the same type to take note of patterns. For instance, eatery owner could track their customer’s buying pattern by identifying that they usually order for a specific drink when buying sandwich. This will help the eatery owner to predict that customers will buy the drink when buying sandwich in the future. Different data mining software can be used to develop a relation-centric data mining tool.
Data mining that is based on grouping technique is used to describe various attributes of an object, item or a customer to create and identify a specific class. A company can easily group customers into different class by identifying attributes such as gender, age and occupation. This makes it easy for the company to add a new customer into the class by considering the identified attributes. In addition, a company can use grouping technique to complement other techniques.
<li>Decision Trees</li>
The decision trees data mining technique is used as part of the guideline and support for selecting a particular data. Decision trees usually combined with grouping systems.
<h2>Data Preparation and Implementation</h2>
Data mining demands that you create a compatible data framework for processing, identifying, and building information. It is important that you arrange information in a suitable manner. Also, identify the variables; the need to create new variables; and the different business needs for data mining.
<h2>Data Mining Process</h2>
Five stages make up the data mining process. The first stage is to gather data and feed it into the data warehouse. Secondly, data is stored in the cloud or in-house hardware. Thirdly, analysts and IT professionals are consulted to access and organise the data. Thereafter, data mining software/tool is used to organise data concerning user’s result. Lastly, the user provides an easily-understood data.

<h2>Impact on Industries</h2>
There are communication systems, backup services and applications that companies use to boost the productivity of their workers. Mobile cloud computing creates platforms for workers to use information from one source and view files via offline mode. It helps companies save cost and record increased revenue.
<h2>Social Media</h2>
Social media has shaped our culture and interactions. Here are some of the ways that social media has impacted the people, the society and the industries.
<h2>Impact on the People</h2>
Social network channels create platforms for people to connect with one another. They have an added advantage of hooking up with old buddies and sharing information. Social media has created new and effective ways for people to expand their horizons and seize various career opportunities. However, social media has given room for cyber-crimes, waste of man hours and invasion of privacy.

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